Monday, May 21, 2012

Is it transfer time again?

Transfer time again and I'm almost positive I will die in the wilderness of Botswana West. Nevertheless... we will go down for transfers because we have a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. We don't know yet we'll find out on Friday. Yep Mosetlhane, Phenyo, and Brother Kaimba all got baptized it was sweet. at last the drought has passed. I'll probably do a bit of shopping the next two weeks as we'll be in gabs an Jozi. Temple included. Well done BYU, go Heat. Go poo. And so I'm getting a tie but won't be in attendance? I'll try to send some pictures today. and I'll be doin some sweet Zulu singing with officer nasty in about 6 weeks. reunion tour anyone? yeah. Life is good. time goes faster and faster and I'm the oldest man in the mission starting next week Tuesday. crazy, But such is life. We got an eclipse last year and it was sweet. but it was at night. Lunar eclipse not solar.

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