Monday, May 28, 2012

I can see my breath... and its may, Welcome Elders, what do you have for me, The work goes forth, Rodizio‏

It's cold man... It's winter and I gave my coat to Elder Black and my flannel shirts to Elder Dirkmaat. Good thing I'm a man and have grizzly hairy arms! I'll just tough it out for a month though I'll miss the winter come July. But here I am in JOZI CENTRA:!!!!! WOOO!!!! It's good to be back home in South Africa and to see the brothers. But... to the week. So first things first. Confirmation of Brother Kaimba yesterday and it was sweet. He just spoke in Priesthood about how good it feels and how he can't wait to magnificate (magnify) his calling haha. He's so great and we even had Youth Conference. Mosha our investigator called us and said "Man the music, the dancing, the young women, the food, the spirit, the messages, the church! Why couldn't you guys find me earlier?!?!?" So in short Kanye is lekker man. I love this place and am so happy I get to die here. It's very Elder Robinsonesque to die in the wilderness I feel and I'm going down with a bang man. In the worlds of E. Jenkinson, you can die lazy, or you can die crazy. I choose to die crazy. So here's some crazy. We're teaching the head pastor of Southern District Botswana of the 7th Day Adventist Church, and we're melting his face with doctrine. this weeks topic, "intelligences, agency, and the immortality of the soul." We're gonna convert that guy man he's actually really humble. Some updates also, are on brother Benjamin who is coffee and tea free for 2 weeks now. June 17th anyone? the only thing we're worried about is cold water. because like seriously it's cold now. This week on a funny note, we went to an all you can eat meat restaurant called Rodizio and all had so much raw meat that 20 of the 36 missionaries in Botswana had wicked gas. But the Dijo was Monate. Time is kinda short, because we have so much to do, but I'm loving it. Joburg feels so nice and its hard to believe the final tour of duty begins tomorrow. crazy. But anywho, I'm going to not die, but fade away and just set Botswana on fire. So to make people ask questions about "why the heck do you get so much mail you're dying" Now is the time. dearelder is free and its only like 98cents for a regular letter. I'll try to write back haha because I've got many stories to tell. but lets make people ask questions and have lots of confusion eh? Back to the work! Love you all Bafundisi Robinson

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