Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18 Lekker Clean font

o what to say about this week other than can you feel it? It is here! Man POWERFUL WEEK! to say the least about here in Kanye, but lets talk about it. First and foremost, we had 5 baptisms! We were planning on 7, but Matusi decided he "didn't know the scriptures enough" but put himself on date for the 8th of July. and sweet as heck this one, Mosha does boxing and was in a tournament that started on Friday. He just owned everyone, and even made it through all the rounds on Saturday, which meant, he would fight for a national championship bout Sunday. We don't know the results yet, but suffice it to say we may be baptizing the lightweight champion of Botswana on July 8th haha. But More' ,Shandow, Rapelang, Richard and Lesedi Benjamin, were baptized on Sunday and man it was sweet. So as you know, its winter here, so we decided to try to heat up the font, so we got these sweet ostrich egg incubator things that supposedly heat water really well, so we threw them in and sure enough, we baptized in like a hot tub. So afterwards cleaning up we basked in convert glory haha. Brother Benjamin floated around after his Baptism with a huge smile on his face classic. As always, the best part of baptisms are the testimonies that follow, and More' who is like total mans man was just like "now I can finally make my mom proud, I know my Heavenly Father is proud." We passed by last night and he was just like stoked out of his mind. "man you guys have no idea how good I feel right now. This is like the best day ever! Better than having the world cup in South Africa!" Shandow and Rapelang brought there mom to church with them and basically talked about how they were going to bring all the family to this church, and Brother Benjamin and Sister Lesedi we just like so stoked man sister Lesedi just had a huge smile and was talking about all the trials they went through and everything and how she just feels like a newborn baby and just huge smile. Brother Benjamin my first Jewish baptism! woo gathering Israel! Just spoke about the church, and how long he had been searching and even how back in the 70's he studied the History of the church, But it wasn't until he moved to little Kanye that he found the truth. So good man. I just feel so happy its seriously the fullness of Joy here in Kanye. In other news, we had a lot of lekker fun, hard work, some sweet new people, and a crazy trip to the hospital last night keeping us there until 1 Am. We got a call from Thato and Mompati two investigators that there baby was sick and needed a ride to the hospital at like 10pm so we rushed over and got them there just in time before Thato who is asthmatic had an attack and passed out in the hospital. Miracle right there. So we sorted everything out and she's recovering now. and the baby is fine! so all is well that ends well. Too many stories to tell about this week, but I'll close with a favorite. Elder Holman and I went on exchanges to do the baptismal interviews and the last time we were on an exchange, he fell into a ditch in the darkness. So we've decided its a curse of being on exchanges with me. Let me explain why. So first fall. we were on the way to More and walking through a little Levee to get there. I know to go slow down the wall, but he just went fire flying and fell like face first into the moss haha he just got up laughing, and wasn't hurt, but looked like swamp man pants. So it gets better. We had a super lekker lesson with brother Kaimba about receiving the priesthood, (which he and brother Mosetlhane received Sunday) and when leaving SPLASH! he fell into their pond knee deep haha. So good man, I laughed until I had to pee. So in short. it is the best of times here in Kanye, loads of fun, loads of work, loads of miracles, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a lekker week all. Elder Robinson

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