Monday, June 11, 2012

Never email in gabs, Lucky 7's, THERE IS FROST ON THE WINDOW!!!, "you missed the boat"‏

So if you ever happen to be in Gaborone, make sure you don't need to email something. It's so slow here man and so apologies in advance for how short this is, but I only have about 6 minutes remaining. But in terms of the work, dijo di monate rra. the work is nice. We are working for baptisms Sunday of Brother and Sister Benjamin, Matusi, Mosha, and Shadow, but surprise! Morray who we thought had gone off the deep end drinking actually just got his phone stolen, and went to the home village for a wedding and funeral. So boom getting baptized! And if that is not all, Rapelang made a total 360 and also is committed to Sunday. So Sunday we're having 7 count em' 7 converts baptized. President Nyoni is so pumped because they are all priesthood holders except sister Lesedi but she's like future Relief Society/ Young Women's Pres, so its like we're bringing home the Superbowl. So as I said, I'm going out in a blaze of glory and the last baptism will be on july 8th. But for now, we're just hitting the streets and tracting up a storm. We're trying to get 40 people on date for baptism by the end of the week. but we're finding incredible people, the Lord guides us house to house, and step by step. Kanye is a happening place. Many stories to tell of this week, they are to be had in my journal, so I'll close with one because of time. Sister Virginia was baptized about a month before I came to Kanye, and has since returned to the 7th day Adventist church. So we went on a mercy mission to invite her to come back. Tuesday Elder Kuseni invited her to pray about the churches and set the appointment. So Friday afternoon with Elder and Sister Moss, we arrived. She told us she prayed about 7th day, and just wants to go there, but didn't pray about the church. So we had a lengthy discussion about the restoration and bore testimony. We invited her to pray again and then she just got offended "I've already prayed! I won't ask God again." So Sister Virginia why did you get baptized? I knew the Book of Mormon was true, God answered me..... ok, so what's the problem then? Well I just feel I need to go back... where does that feeling come from, how does it feel, did you ask God? I KNOW HIS VOICE THIS IS MY CHURCH!!!! She proceeded to try to defend it, but she refused to pray, read, or come back. To which Elder Moss the legend that he is responded "Sister Virgina, you know nothing about the church, the temple, the restoration, the living prophet, callings, the members, you missed the boat sister Virginia... just pray" Yo she kicked us out so fast... But, defending the faith lessons you just feel this fire inside like you wanna shout from the housetops. It was sad, but following we continued right on teaching, and met a powerful group of teachers who live together who are "Hunting for His church" We roll on. Man Kanye is cold man we've hit -3 which is like 27 for you cats who use Fahrenheit. there is even frost on the windows at night... good thing I've got a snuggie! Have a good week everyone Elder Robinson

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