Monday, June 4, 2012

Toss the tie on that one, sisters...., smash and grab, Johannesburg home‏

LEKKER WEEK! Man we had such a fun week, let me tell you about it. BAM its Monday 3:58 AM and we wake up to the soothing sounds of EFY 2008.... I awake in a daze not knowing at first where I am. In my dream, we were in downtown NYC trying to hunt down the Keebler elf. We were being chased by some crazy Pakistani guys in a blue van. Supposedly in my sleep I said "don't worry man, just forget him he's gone, just take his bags." We were in Gabs and I slept on nothing but my towel on Tile. I woke up and was number 3 of 6 in the shower. 4:45 time to roll man pure manliness and grit. So we jumped in the Chevy Aveos just waiting for the sisters and at 5:30 we get a phone call... " Oh... sorry, we just woke up... we'll be over super fast. at 7 o clock... they showed... ugh sisters.... haha anyway we commenced to the border and lo and behold, they forgot their paper work so couldn't get through the border. We originally planned on being through at 6 but after a 3 hour delay at the border it was about 11. nice... Woo no sleep! So the legendary road trip commenced with unshaven groggy missionaries, but a legend of a week planned. We arrived in Joburg, and man it was so dang cold, but after many happy reunions and high fives until my fingers were rattled, we went to Carnivore an all you can eat restaurant where we enjoyed such cuisines as Crocodile, Zebra, and every antelope species under the sun. We just missed the hippo.... And thus it was, Monday completed. Tuesday morning we woke up and went to transfers this time to see Elder Hancock a brother for life die. It was like the most profound anxiety/fear/sadness/excitement/butterfly feeling ever. It was time and he was out and all of a sudden, we're the oldest kids on the block. We got to see him off at the airport but more on that in a bit. The sisters wanted to all go to the Temple and see Sister Blum off, but because of poor timing and me being one of the few missionaries that knows the East Rand like I know my own basement I was assigned to be their escort along with E. Kuseni and the other Bots ZL's so our road trip plans were put on pause, no distribution center or anything and STRESS man. Because we were told to drive them around presidential style, but they are used to Botswana quiet 2 lane roads and donkeys, not Megalopolis 6 lane freeways. man I know now what all those guys in the movies with a president feel like man... non stop sweat. The temple was super enjoyable and I saw brother Jubber again a sweet member from Nelspruit. But now was the real challenge Joburg 6 o clock rush hour traffic, in the dark, to the airport.... yeah man. We popped in the Beethoven's 5th and started rolling. But we got there without much hitch and got to see the dying men from beyond the veil checking through the gates. Which was pretty legit. Wednesday quick ZLC followed by all of our errands crammed into about 20 minutes but if all goes well I'll get my loin cloths, and Zulu chest plate just fine. Then... to the border. Boom Power outage. T. I. B. and 2 hours at the border. After a crazy journey we finally rested at the Broadhurst flat. Or so we thought. mid dinner car alarm goes off. We go outside and its another car in the complex... so back to our meal... no joke like 30 seconds later it goes off again... but keeps going so we go outside. Our car was smash in grabbed and they took our suits! and they didn't even have the courtesy to leave our name tags haha. But best news ever the mission brown suit they totally left it! I still get to wear it the Lord showed a tender mercy there... It cannot and will not ever leave the mission. So after the excitement, we went back and had a sick remainder of the week, lekker teaching, a sweet new father named Duncan, the Benjamin's still tea free, Matusi coming to church, Mosha converting his friends, and the Mabe family doing so good. Kanye is on fire man and if all goes according to plan 12 baptisms before July 8th. going down in a blaze of glory indeed! So one last sweet thing happened, on Sunday in front of everyone at the pulpit Bro. Muchara said and I quote "It's ok to have herbal tea and water when you fast, even the Savior had a sip of water or two during the 40 days.:" Well toss the tie over the shoulder on that one, try explaining that to 20 investigators... haha but gotta love the branch. Someone also called on me 3 times during their testimony to read scriptures out loud. But other than that. Love it. Our Priesthood class is doing awesome and we've spent a lot of time in sections 107, 20, and 84 lately and its like our very own school of the prophets on the doctrines of the kingdom. It is seriously a dream job being here. Well very long winded this week and I'm pretty dang exhausted hallelujah for P-day. Love you all, We're blazing it up here and will continue to do so. Much love, Lerato, and the like from Botswana Elder Robinson

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