Monday, June 25, 2012

Famous last words, Patrick, "the lord's drink", the proposal

So in today's lekker news, man Kanye is just a happening place to be. Still feeling fresh as a greeny we hit the ground tracting this week and found a sweet as heck new family. We went to this place that has been like hammered by missionaries in the past, but we felt to go there. We saw this guy walking in a crazy flame orange knit sweater and it was like "yeah man lets talk to him" we very skilfully cut him off at the pass without looking like car salesmen, and stopped him. He explained that he didn't go to church because everyone was all about the "holy spirit falling down and shaking things" and he never had read anything like that in the bible. So, we explained, and then he asked "why are there so many people doing strange things?" and we explained. "I want you to meet my whole family at 4, can you come?" Sure so we arrived and taught lesson 1. They really got it and the hilight of the lesson was ma who said "I've seen you around before, and people say you don't teach Jesus. I've been listening very closely and just feel something different about you, I know I was baptized wrong and even want you to help me get it right. I believe everything you have said" Prepared???? so We later returned with the Book of Mormon which they treated like a prized gem, and they have a baby in the oven who is due Wednesday, and they said if its a boy that they might name it Robseni WHAT UP! So Loving life, loving mission, just loving it man and I was supposed to give a talk on sunday, but we had stake high counsel and so I've been assigned to July 8th for a sort of famous last words goodbye 30 minutes. So, we'll see how that goes. In other funny news, I met a lady last monday while we were shopping and she asked for my ID when I used the card and saw I was from the USA so she proposed marriage to me and said she really wants to live in new york. eish man. I kindly declined and she just looked heartbroken... I don't understand man haha it was like I stomped on her balloon and took her candy. Also funny was brother Muchara who we went to go visit yesterday and just before we were about to leave was like, "oh wait, I have something for you. . . . . THE LORD'S DRINK!" he held up a 2 liter coke as if it was the vince lombardi trophy and man we just laughed and laughed... I love that guy. Well, not a ton to talk about this week, just typical business, but I just have this greatest happiness every day doing this, you really can't describe the fun of just day to day missionary work. Well, talk to y'all next week Elder Robinson

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