Sunday, September 12, 2010

Email from Brother Mathias Mhike 9 Sept 2010

Good Day Elder Rabinson,

How are you today, l hope l have find you well , we are so excited and happy about your coming into our life , you are a nice person the day you arrived into our house we filled with joy and happiness l really not know why and you have managed to change us due to you teaching , making funny jokes thus making us happy, your message which you wrote on the back of the picture has touched us a lot. You are a great person with good teaching about gospel God must continuing blessing and giving you more power to teach and change to people to come closer to our heavenly Father.

l want to say thank you, so much for everything you are doing to us

Have a great day


Brother Mathias

Response from Brother Mhike to Bro.& Sister Robinson

Dear Brother & Sister Robinson,
What a surprise! Nice to know you brother & sister Robinson, Thank you very much for your valued time to write email to us we really appreciate, Your son is very good to us so lovely to us, we were having some doubts about joining the church but because he is wonderful person he managed to tell us the truth and guide us to baptized. We are now enjoying because of your son. l SAY THANK YOU

You are most welcome anytime if you need to write us emails or share anything with us, please free feel we are wonderful family we need to learn much more.

Once more thanks very much

Kind Regards


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