Monday, September 6, 2010

One transfer down 15 to go...or Set my hair on fire!

Oh ho ho so much to talk about. first off... I hope everyone is well because ndiri bhoo (I'm bomb) ... anyway the question on everyones mind... yes the entire Mhike family was baptized even though our water heater broke in the chapel and the water was 53 degrees haha. It was so ridiculously cold haha everytime we dipped one in they like totally shook and eyes opened and everything totally crazy. So I baptized Abigayl the mother and each of the rest were baptized by Elder's Nelson, Wittwer, and Brother Leon. It was truly incredible like I was so pumped and happy the entire day.
Which leads me to something else directly involved. I made a promise in the MTC that at my first baptism I would rent my coat and pull a captain Moroni. so last night I did just that I totally anhiliated my operation dirtbag shirt and wrote the title of liberty on the back. I then wrote the Mhike's names on it and will have all of the awesome missionaries I'm around sign it. It is currently hanging on my spear which just looks so bomb.

Funny story of the week we met this guy named mike from Nigeria and he used to investigate the church back there so we set up a time to see him. Now there is a stipulation out here that everyone from Nigeria is involved in drugs or prostitution.... anyway back to the story we show up for our appointment and we walk through the gate and this guy is just hammered drunk runs up and is like hey bafundis! you don't wanna go in there that's a whore house! he then just unloaded puke all over the street and was like oh... sorry. I know you have the power of god and they need your help but it might not look good. so yeah haha we left it was pretty funny...

Um more big news... So transfers is on wednesday and guess what? Elder Nelson, who is my dad/boy, is leaving me. It's like a birds father is leaving him in the nest to fend for himself haha. So as of Wednesday I'll be getting a new companion and staying in Benoni. Elder Nelson is now going to be a zone leader so haha huge shoes to fill. Um The work has been going great honestly everyone is moving along even the Van der Westheiyzens who usually won't even let us get a word in in lessons. It's crazy our trimester goal for the area is going to be at least 16 baptisms which honestly is just crazy but the thing is I know we can do it. So be prepared for more awesome stories to come. I as of now have four under my belt in just 6 short weeks so hopefully the awesome continues.
Later today I should be sending about 20 pics home of the lion park, the mhike's, KJ and Ronald, Paul and Alvira, Mike, more people and of course crazy appartment life

Speaking of the Lion park... seriously so sweet haha I got to play with a bunch of cubs and got my ear gnawed on haha so I have a scar from a lion now what's up world! I also got to pet a cheetah and giraffe and got about 200 incredible pictures.

now crazy things have been happening as far as the strike goes. It just goes farther and farther the Petrol workers have now stopped so gas is a bit scarce and schools still are unsafe as well as hospitals its pretty insane. But its super funny you just see huge crowds of like 200 marching streets with mispelled signs like "give us ate persent or else". classic haha. What actually is going on is the strikers want an 8.5 percent pay raise after the world cup because of the extra funds. so the government said we'll give you 8.5 and they were like no we want 8.6... so this is going to go on for a while probably but that's ok. The work goes forth.

OOh another awesome thing is this guy James. We met him at a gas station and he wanted a Bible so we gave him one and a BOM and set up a time to see him. He invited 5 friends so 6 new investigators in just one lesson solid awesome. haha he's really receptive and started coming to church.

The ward is really taking off out here we have 4 people we do work with Leon from Durban, Juveh from Zimbabwe, Deogracia from Mozambique, and Jeremy from SA It's really great to have members come along and gives them instant fellowhip in the ward. Juveh and Leon are awesome and are teaching me Shona and Zulu respectively in exchange for German which just rocks... the word of the week is Nyenyedsi. Ny as in the ny in kenyon en yet see.

We got ditched a lot this week which is always a bummer but it also led to some awesome new finds as well as planning for the next little bit.

An interesting thing with when you're a missionary is all of a sudden people assume you're an expert in like 200 fields. for example. Elder! my washing machine broke can you fix it? Elder we need you to teach a primary activity on sunday alright thanks bye! Hey I have anger issues can you help me? its ridiculous haha we are not superheroes we just teach stuff...

Awesome to hear about Spencer and his call if he runs into Elder Tomlinson from Austrailia that would be awesome he's going I think in October or so... Also it has been aweome hearing from everyone in letters, emails, and such.

So for a South Africa recipie of the week we have Shakalaka. This is carrots shredded into onions, and peppers with baked beans and then cooked all together... totally awesome but weetbix is still the absolute favorite haha.

Well everyone keep rockin it back home wherever that may be letters are always welcome and I should have some pics coming soon. I'm gettin pretty dang good at soccer and honesty short field soccer is the sport of kings highly highly recommended. Just a few short weeks and I'll be an uncle and that's super sweet and in just about 48 hours I'll have a new companion

I'm a little intimidated to be the experienced missionary in the area and to basically train the new guy to the area but eh it'll be sweet and I'm sure he'll be awesome. If my destiny follows suit of Elder Clark before me his father left after 6 weeks, He got a Kenyan companion and then went to Botswana so who knows maybe I'll be the same.... Its kinda crazy to see Elder Nelson say goodbye to everyone that's gotta be one of the toughest things to do on mission. Plus Elder Blau is going home and that's a bummer too man. Things move by fast

Anywho keep it real everyone, the Benoni district is going to be greenie fest as it is just me and Elder Mchunu left out here as of wednesday. plus the new guys. I'm sure I'll have a ton to talk about next week.

Ah also really fast haha one more funny story. So I plugged in my hair clippers and mid hair cut they blew up and lit on fire in my hair hahahahhahahaha! it was sweet so I'm going shopping for a new set of clippers soon.

Peace out, stay sharp.

Elder Robinson

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