Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy eerste week van die lente‏

So first things first... Do the Kudu horns make a noise? like do they actually work as a Kuduzela??? Next item of business... Micheal Sean Fahey... is about 44 years old and was born in Johannesburg, South Africa... He is a Plumber/electrician/roofer/mechanic by trade and works about 12 hours a day... He has had a crazy life of ups and downs near suicide, drugs, divorce and all kinds of crazy business... But he has a heart of gold and has a ridiculous drive in doing good and improving himself... lets see... He was baptized yesterday in freezing cold water and I now have 5 baptisms on mission so far!!!!
Good to hear Utah is still doing well and well Dixie can still always beat canyon view... Thomas Brock is one of mine Paul's and Sam's friend he is actually the same kid who carved the africa necklace thing and was trying to get help on eagle scout from you guys at one point in time... Good to hear everyone is doing well and ish I miss cafe rio hahaha... Um honestly as far as a package or food or anything tortilla chips, tortillas, and perhaps a little bit of popcorn.... there is a lack of corn products in this country hahaha! Elder Ncube Mhlalase is awesome ( Nnnn (dental click) so suck your tounge back off of your front teeth... oooh bay) and (Mmm hhhcchhhllll with a bit of pflegm ahh say) he's awesome we seriously have so much fun out here haha and a bunch of work is getting done.... the Malawi crew... James Joseph Isaak and Innocent are all on baptismal date for the 17th of October and our goal this week is to have 19 on date for the next to months so yeah haha the work is taking off hard core...
Good to hear people are finding me on facebook and I hope all keeps going well... If you hear anything from Andy about a mission call let me know... time for the big letter... see y'all in a week

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