Monday, September 20, 2010

Raging Leeu en die Cheeta‏

Ah hello all its good to know you are all together and that you got my pictures already wow that was fast... so I just barely got the new SD card on Friday at the temple so I think mail takes about 1 month to get for me and it takes like 10 days for you... anywho yeah the lion park was pretty dang sweet... good to hear the Utes are awesome and well it's a shame with Dixie but class of 09' was the pinacle... anywho yeah the Mhike's are flippin awesome they'll be getting the priesthood this sunday and their conversion story is nothing short of a miracle like they were accidentally contacted by salt lake and the rest is history... Um their mailing address would be something like J&L flats, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa #11 but I'll get it for sure... Tinashe is 15 and Shyleen is 10 and I hope you liked the pics of them it is such a rockin family... as of cheddars present for me I honestly couldn't stop laughing when I found it and I actually used it to prank elder Nelson hahaha... Um yeah everything is pretty dang sweet out here and its already getting hot... dang less than 4 months and I'm an uncle from half way across the world what's up! Elder Mhlalase was converted in 2007 and man he's awesome we actually have a ton in common and its just like 2 overgrown kids serving in Benoni we have a ton of fun and get a lot of work done. He kinda reminds me of an African nick haha... Um I've been getting quite a bit of mail which is always sweet and maybe hold off on another package for a bit... but there is another kid named riik he's one of the Van der Westheiyzens and I said I'd try and get him a sweet birthday present from america... He's 13 so I think you guys might have some good ideas.... I'm excited for the language books I'm actually learning a bit of Xhosa from the new comp and its sweet there are a ton of clicks :D... Collin wrote and it was super funny like he was talking about how people will stop him and uncle weston and be like " aren't you in a band like seargant nasty or something? We haven't seen you guys in a while.... and then they are like "eah well... our bassist is in Africa" so then i guess everyone is super like taken backed and shocked like " oh wow these guys are big!" so that's pretty legit. I guess he's getting a bit nervous because he leaves in about a month now... If there is any news on Fetz's call, the Frizfish, or Andy's or of course uncle weston's mission calls that would be sweet.

You guys should make tshakalaka though it is a way awesome south Africa delight... you get carot shavings, onions, green peppers, some seasoning of choice, and baked beans and mix them all together plus some rice and chicken and that's probably a typical dinner appointment meal... Anyway more crazyness I've been in Africa 2 months now and in like 16 days been gone for 3 months so yeah in mission time I'm just about to go to nursery hahaha... anywho yeah crazyness it's almost October and hoof man next thing you know November... Mission goes by too fast it scares me... like and they say your first 6 months is the slowest that scares me haha... anywho time for the big letter...

Oh and before I forget... if you can get a working Kuduzela from the real animal that would be sweet... no need to send it hear just keep it at home awaiting my triumphant return haha....

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