Monday, October 4, 2010

Sondag 3 Oktober, groete uit Ma en Pa‏

Ayoba! family howzit going acrossed the pond? Yesterday I just enjoyed my first african rainstorm and it was intense... the wind picks up to probably about 45 mph and thunder and lightning are just smashing all around then it dumps... it was so sweet... Good to hear Utah is doing well and hopefully another legit BCS bowl is in the future... how is the rest of the mountain west namely TCU doing because I have a feeling they may be a challenge... anyway yeah things are sweet and I'm so pumped to blow a kudu horn in just 20 short months haha it'll be intense... As far as needs... maybe for the christmas package send some of that back soap dyoxi whatever its called... Yeah Elder Crawford is Elder Alders father and since he's my brother he is somehow my step father which just adds more and more branches to my family briar patch... Elder Williams, who is my boy, is seen on a pretty regular basis and we hope it stays that way for a while... the only problem is we've been lacking in our morning soccer games but hopefully that picks up again... Township is like small homes and shacks (squatter camps) that take up a pretty big area... they are usually dirt and paved roads... like if you google earth Wattville its a pretty nice township but there is a big squatter camp area in Tamboville... just like the sheet metal and tarp homes you see in invictus they are all over the place... Its just the two of us in our flat and we had bikes... mine was called the storm trooper... but it got a flat tire so we usually just walk or take the car... except today our car is in the shop again because of messed up brake pads and an unusually high idol around 3000 rpm... but yeah its always an adventure to get around... We actually get conference out here on the 30th and 31st of October and we can go to every single session... because of the 10 hour time change its a little ridiculous but yeah I just have to thirst for conference for another month... but I'll have a nice little snack with elder holland in 10 days. I have really started to realize just how fast the time goes... for example... its been 3 months... now a transfer cycle is 6 weeks and this transfer ends in 2 more weeks... I'll then be gone for almost 4 months... there is 16 transfers in a mission and I've been through like 2 and a half... so in just a few transfers or by November I will have been gone for 6 months and I can burn a tie for the mile stone... 4 more transfers and it has been a year... then I can burn a shirt... then it is all the down hill slope... also by the time I call on Christmas... I'll have been gone 6 months... then when I call on mothers day i'll nearly be a year... 2 years is a long time but 6 months sure isn't... and especially when you leave areas... for example I'll probably be only in Benoni another 7 weeks or so... then I move and learn new people and a new area... its just crazyness...
As far as clothes go everything is holding up pretty well I'm just frustrated because they so called wrinkle free shirts can't be wrinkle free because we don't have a dryer... but that's not a big deal... I've officially named all my ties and have been trading them with companions... I gave Elder Nelson Lorenzo and in return got the Leviathan... so soon enough I'll be trading with Elder Mhlalase... anywho better get to the big letter but enjoy your monday

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