Monday, January 3, 2011

2011... Drunkeness, car crashes, break ins, and racism in the house.‏

So happy new year everyone and I hope you all have some sweet resolutions planned and nothing lame like losing 10 pounds or something else boring but have some fun. go sky diving or kangaroo hunting or something else sweet. anyway it has been kinda a lame week. everyone in the town left so we tracted, and tracted, and tracted some more and yet no one was home. so we didn't even get the sweet satisfaction of getting rejected. just knocking empty houses for 14 hours a day. but we did however get a hold of some less actives, part member families, and former investigators so hopefully soon our teaching pool will be building and we can help this branch grow. New Years in South Africa is quite the celebration and its like a non stop rave/drinking fest for 2 straight days. So we spent the 31st and 1st cleaning, cooking, chilling, and visiting the Atkinsons and also getting interviewed by president Poulsen which was pretty sweet. but they were some long days. the 1st on the way to the Atkinsons we saw like 11 overturned cars and their neighbor was broken in to and his car smashed and was nearly killed, and our neighbors got broken into this morning. Also at church we had the Kanyamanzane branch with us and some of the members didn't take to kindly to them and some racial comments were made. Now South Africa isn't racist just a few people still are. but that creates some big problems for investigators who attend church. so hehe this will be a fun week to patch up some things and mend some fences. but all part of the job.

But this week should be better because people are finally back in town. which is awesome like seriously I'm so happy. Thanks to the primary for your package that was awesome and I'll be writing you soon. also to all you guys back home enjoy the new year let me know what's up in your lives. Peace from SA and from the Refiners fire here in Nelspruit.

Elder Robinson... Uncle... that's right.

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