Monday, January 17, 2011

January: the hottest month of the year welcome to the southern hemisphere‏

Well where to begin our car still is in the shop so this week I'm estimating we walked about 115 miles round and about to appointments and things. GM is kinda a joke here so maybe I'll talk you through my 10 days of phone calls about the car. last friday we took it in and they gave us a call about our engine coolant and AC and how they have to order some new pipes. the cost is about 5000 rand so they wanted us to make a down payment and because of being on foot and the distance we had to wait until saturday. Thabo told us our car would be fixed tuesday. tesday comes and we call around 1 o clock and he says "eish boss your car will be fixed friday morning" so friday morning comes and we call. "um your car will be finished monday" so hopefully at 12 o clock today we have our car. if not we may be hoofing it again. But its seriously effected the missionary work because we can't make it to many of our investigators and we've tracted everyone within an hours walk. But all that aside we had a dope week.

Thandiwe is a super cool lady we met at spar. we basically got our groceries, gave her a passalong card, talked a bit, and invited her to church. Sunday came and bam she was there and said "How can I get baptized" now something sweet happens with missionary work. sometimes you walk and walk and knock and knock but what you really needed to do was work hard and be obedient and the lord hooks you up. she'll be baptized on the 30th.

Mbuso is from Joburg and is 19 he's finishing up school and moved up here for his last year with some friends. first lesson asked a lot about baptism and wanted to get baptized. he's also gonna make the 30th hopefully and what's rad is we'll be on track for our trimester goal and 2 baptisms in January is the same as the whole of missionary work last year. so obedience and work pays off. Plus God hooks us up. enough said haha.

we do have some pretty sweet families also who are progressing so we're hoping for around 12 baptisms by April. so hopefully the work continues to go well and with luck and the Spirit everything will be sweet.

Now for a funny story. So we've been trying to work a lot with members lately and Elder Kantu was assigned to talk on the joys of missionary work and member missionary work. so yesterday he gives a powerful talk and bears sweet sweet testimony and promises miracles in the Nelspruit branch and man you could feel the Spirit. so he wraps up the talk and no joke this is the first thing a member says to us right after the talk "don't worry elders you'll get baptisms when you leave Nelspruit" hahahahahaha man that's our branch haha they don't take family mission plan, unites, or any of their work seriously haha but a few do and that's all we ask in fact we have 2 referrals to see this week one of which is a family... so yay :D.

On a sad note a lady we're teaching, Veronica, has a mother who is dying of what is suspected to be AIDS. so it's not very pretty right now but she's still progressing and I think its the perfect time to teach the plan of salvation. Her sister and brother want to meet with us as well so who knows what will come there.

But basically it has been a pretty good week just flippin hot and I've got some pretty stinky shirts to wash. one day though we got dumped on for about 5 miles and my shoes are still trying to dry. one day it'll be like 100 and 100% humidity and the next day it'll be monsoon. TIA this is Africa. anyway thnigs are sweet and hopefully we get our car back today because my feet feel like wet cardboard that's been ran over like 30 times.

OH and thanks everyone for the Christmas cards I'll try to write back but mail has been getting stolen lately so I'll just thank you in advance we just got our mail this week.

Aufwiederzehn von Afrika

Elder Robinson

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