Monday, January 10, 2011

Legen.... wait for it.... DARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏

So what to say about this week other than it has been awesome. We tracted the crap out of kamagugu and found 6 new families and 17 new investigators we should have quite a few on baptismal date soon and will be progressing to achieve our goals. an awesome family is Solly and Happy. they are the best and its one of those families you teach and it doesn't matter how bad your day has sucked or not but you just leave happy. So I'm happy this week was sweet and hopefully everyone will be back by today so we have our full arsenal of investigators back.

time is very short haha so I'll save a lot about our new people for next week but lets just say they are awesome and 2 weeks of nothing were worth it. haha.

So story this week our cars coolant pipe broke so we've been without a car since Wednesday which means walking about 20 miles a day. haha so it has been pretty intense one day super hot getting chased by a swarm of bees the next walking in 3 inch deep rain getting blisters.

So all of this walking kind of leads to being really tired. now we take malaria pills every day and they have been known to cause strange dreams. this week I had two gems. Friday night I had a dream we were in Kruger national park and we some how ran into country legend Kenny Rogers. I simply gave him a pass along card and I baptized Kenny Rogers the next weekend. Why Kenny Rogers I don't know but I wasn't complaining and man we had good chicken after the baptism haha. Dream two and my personal favorite involved president Sigauwke our branch president. appearantly he was mad so he told us to go burn down a less active families house because they were ruining his home teaching stats and then told us to take their names to the temple for baptisms for the dead. its surprising how real these dreams seem haha.

Lets see so yesterday was a fun Sunday I spoke in sacrament for 20 minutes, taught Gospel doctrine, then taught Combined Elders and High Priest quorum. This is what branch missionary work is like haha.

well I typed faster than I thought so lets talk a little about Solly and Happy. they have had division in their house for about 20 years between the Methodist church and Anglican church and have been questioning a lot about where the divide comes from. Boom we knock their door and boom they are prepared. hopefully they'll be baptized next month.

sorry time is up but next week I'll spend more time on this bad boy and have more stories to share.

Enjoy the week

Bafundisi Robinson


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