Monday, January 24, 2011

Hotswana, the car back!... for one day..., bafana bafana, and 2 count em 2 baptisms.‏

Welcome one welcome all to KFC south Africa... yeah so we got our car back not last monday but last thursday 13 days after loosing scardizio (our Aveo) and enjoyed the colonels 11 herbs and spices in celebration of happy feet, air conditioner, and being able to make it to our investigators again. and then we went to Lydenburg... we had an epic drive through the mountains and mist and it is an incredible view it kinda reminds me of those pictures you see of stone hendge like big green rolling hills, waterfalls, rivers, and this huge sun. So that was sweet. we met with President Sigauwke who has a new investigator for us and we introduced the family mission plan to members out there. They are the strength of our branch in Lydenburg so I'm worried that if they start to see a lot of growth they'll open a branch there and Nelspruit would die so hopefully something works out for the best the problem is it is 98k's from the church so... yeah... and then the night came. and our car wouldn't start. we assumed eh maybe it just needs to be jumped but no so appearantly the starter is dead so a guy basically hot wired our car and we drove back. We had a sweet drive back though fog so thick we had to drive like 50k's an hour the whole way... like 35mph and we saw duikers all over the road which is basically like a midget gazelle and we almost hit one haha. and then we arrived back and ate pillow for the night. then without a car once again we commenced tracting in the blazing sun with barely even being able to plant passalong cards. so haha once again we're struggling in the work because we can't make it to our humble areas and we've tracted almost every where else...

This week we also found out that they are still having problems getting Visas in Botswana for more than 90 days so we may be having an emergency transfer with the Botswana Elders and Elder Kantu may be leaving Nelspruit sometime this week. we'll get the phone call tonight. I think he is ready to leave but I think he wants to see progress from the families we're teaching and of course our two baptisms this sunday.

Speaking of that... bam two baptisms this sunday to basically kick off my 2 months in Nelspruit.It's crazy to see the time go so fast but looking back I feel like i've been here a LONG time. but still much work is to be done. Mbuso and Thandiwe will put us on track to make our trimester and will give us drive to keep planting seeds, tracting, and getting rejected. and of course teaching a humble few.

So some sweet news... in Sudan next week there is an African cup of 16 countries and Bafana Bafana (the national team) is training in Nelspruit right up the street from our flat... so we got a bunch of pics with the team and even run the same hills they do twice a week. so that's pretty cool and we even gave one of the coaches a book of mormon... so if they do well in the tournament you know what's up haha.

well not to much else to talk about other than it's hot, the work is picking up a bit, members are helping a little, and WE'RE GETTIN 2 BAPTISMS... I would dance but it is against mission rules. speaking of mission rules funny story. When Elder Nelson and I were still together he told me a story of a missionary who even defended the mission rules in his dreams and he said now that's an obedient missionary. well this week it happened. I had a dream I was back home with Martin, Wade, Collin, Uncle Weston, (the wonky ballz crew) and we were all gonna go ride motorcycles. and I was like guys... we can't it's against the rules and we need baptisms. then I woke up. yeah when your mind is continually on missionary stuff haha you go a bit crazy.

This week I saw a Baboon and they stand on the side of the road and wave at cars haha it's pretty classic and I've heard you can feed them bananas so maybe we'll try that soon and yep they've got crazy colored butts. We've got some old missionaries that used to serve in Mozambique and Nelspruit and they're pretty sweet haha they even wore their badges to sacrament from 6 years ago so that was interesting. and we enjoyed another sweet Sunday night with the Atkinsons having some ice cream, snickerdoodles (GOD BLESS AMERICA) , and popcorn and chatted about the week which is always nice.

I think I'll close this week by talking about a kind of sort of investigator the Atkinsons are teaching and we help with a little bit. his name is Frek and he's a crazy Afrikaaner with a heart of gold. back in the day Angola and South Africa had a war going on so they parachuted him in to the bush to basically terrorize some of the army and well they forgot about him. He's basically a South African Rambo but a sniper and he's skinny. So basically he survived in the jungle 10 years by himself killing people for food, clothes, money, bullets, or whatever else he needed just doing his job for his country that forgot about him. and then came back to south africa and snapped two times on people who crossed him funny and killed them. but he's got the heart of a champion and they guy is a big teddy bear and bought a suit so he can come to "jesus's true church" every week. so that's Frek... he's the man...

anyway guys time is short but things are pretty good. and I'm excited for sunday and hopefully to have our car back again by tuesday... Next monday I may have a new companion, more crazy stories, and of course a new box of Weetbix... YE....BO!!!

Ke Nako... it is time.... cheers ney?


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