Monday, August 29, 2011

Sondag Augustus 28 2011, en wat gebeur met Elder Raging Leeu en die avonture in Afrika‏

I can't think of too much else to talk about so,It sufficeth me to say... 1. Don't think I'm stressed about home college friends etc. Just during this one hour a week is when I get to think about it all so my brain sometimes overloads. 2. Being a missionary is awesome. When I first began I felt it was all about baptisms, tracting, etc. But now its taking the greater perspective. If I do my best, love the people, the missionaries I'm serving around, and have my heart in the work, I am successful whether or not I have 200 baptisms. From reading Paul's letters and stuff I really see that. He's grown a ton even though he hasn't seen "success". It's kinda the same with me... I'm one of very few missionaries who has spent all my time in town... You look around and see other guys with like 10 baptisms a month,50 in 6 months and stuff like that and its great. But sometimes it eats at you... "Why not me".... But there is a principle I've come to love lately. The work goes forth whether in Europe,Africa,Asia or the Americas and if you do what's right you are successful. Of course conversion rocks and I've had my fair share and will have more, but I think its a great principle of life... "Lift where you stand" "Come what may and love it" "Do what is right, let the consequence follow." This is what I try to do everyday... The reason the time is flying by is because I serve with no regrets, my only regret it how fast time is rushing. But I guess,that's better than to feel I haven't tried my best. I love what I'm doing... I don't wanna leave Florida yet but I'm pretty sure I'm in my final 3 weeks here,so no regrets and the journey continues.

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