Saturday, August 21, 2010

4ish? weeks in Africa

Ah Alaska sounds pretty sweet and once again I'm a little bummed I didn't get to go but guess what I have a two year safari out here so ha... The Aveo is back and it runs like a champ again and the best part is is that it was under warranty so GM of East Rand south Africa paid everything... So ? did you go fishing or did you just enjoy the spoils? and yes salmon is quite delicious fish is big out here because of the southern cape... its the largest concentration of sea life in the world and shark month is going to be filmed out here this year. Yes I miss my disco dancing and all that business and to make matters worse they are having a stake wide disco and swing night... punch to the heart haha... anyway things are still good and we're actually going with the Wittwers today to a traditional shop where I hope to find a lion sculpture, spear, shield, and the like. on last monday I bought a rugby ball so that should have taken out 150 rand or about 23 dollars. This morning I took out 500 rand for the traditional shop so I think that should be like 70 dollars or so... and I think it would be pretty funny if you became a fisherman because then you could wear one of those sweet yellow rain ponchos with the hat and get the sea mist in your evertriumphant musctache. Um yeah the people are awesome out here especially in the ward, we are fed like twice a week by the members and like roobis tea and or custard and icecream like almost every appointment so that's sweet. um yeah as far as anything I really am in need of like tortillas are pretty key, um maybe some powerade or gatorade mix because it's like 8 rand a bottle here which is a little ridiculous for as fast as I drink it. kum as far as like sending the stuff from alaska maybe like the knife and stuff keep at home but the gloves and shirt would be nice. I just don't wanna lug around souveniers. Um if I get a spear/shield today I'll probably send it back by slow boat because its cheapest and it should take like 2 months or so. Yeah so everything is pretty sweet. I'll let you know the rest in the big letter... tootalloo or however that is spelled

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