Saturday, August 21, 2010

week 4ish continued

So today I'm going to tell you a little about missionary work... Now first we're going to rewind to the MTC... so when you're on a mission a few things happen the old you is still there but it is changed because you're a missionary... This is not a bad change but kind of a little bit of insanity... so here we go... first off things that were never funny before become hilarious case in point... scripture jokes.... ok now this is like you walk past an automatic light and you say and Elder Robinson said let there be light (light turns on) and there was and it was good. then you walk around the corner... Ah its a little dark over here as well... bam and it was good... honestly we laughed about that for 2 hours.... next... missionary work jokes. I've started a little thing I like to call overheard in the mission field along with my boy elder Williams. So we were in a meeting and they were talking about key indicators which are the statistics we use... anyway so they would give us a scenario and say what key indicator does this meet. for example they would say family of 5 with the mother a member. This would fulfill the Father Led Family category as well as the Less Active Part Member Family category of LAPMF for short. so They asked us one of these and the man said "which of the following key indicators does this meet?" The elder in front of us acting like a total stud said "Yes" I laughed so freakin hard I had to like choke myself with my tie. Its insane haha it really is. But the quote of the week came from one of the security guards in our complex. We have been having car issues and we had borrowed 4 cars in the week for various appointments and leadership things so we finally got back with our old car and were waiting at the security gate and he brought out a visitor form. When he noticed it was us he was like "Ah Bafundis! (preachers) you change cars faster than I change trousers!" Hilarious I still laugh about it.

Also you feel yourself becoming a little bit weird. Elder Nelson is going home in like 3 months and was like how am I going to date again I'll like treat it like a lesson.. its like "will you commit to holding hands tonight? I can promise as you do so..." like Mission jokes are awesome haha that's all I really have to say about that.

So a few awesome things about Africa... The stop lights are called robots... so I figured alright I'll start calling Stop signs autobots and yield signs decepticons... its really starting to catch on haha go transformers....

Simba chips are delightful and the bag is just hilarious a quote from the bag says... " While every young potato aspires to become a simba chippie, only the very best are selected. Simba, The king of Snacks, is very choosy, and so he ensures that every bag is only the best and always roars with flavor." ah man I love reading that... You really start to enjoy the simple things when a missionary. Like for example, I love microwaving my socks everymorning because my feet are always cold. Nothing is quite so awesome as a freshly ironed shirt...

Also I have discovered I love narrating my life in song it really is sweet haha I do it all the time even if its like... That lesson was awesooome! becaause we hhhhahaad the SPIRIT. small and simple things make the mission awesome and keep you sane. well. crazy. I don't know haha but its good.

So this week was pretty dang awesome we had a training about teaching to needs, helping investigators, always having the Spirit in lessons, and just actually caring about all you teach. It works so well this training like made the work explode this week. We had an investigator Lynette walk from Boksburg to the train station, buy a skirt with her last few rand, then walk from the station to church. In the follow up lesson, she taught us and wants to get baptized. just awesome. The Mhike's the family we taught at the end of operation dirtbag have been electric! we went and played soccer with them and honestly I rocked it... Thank you Katie, Spencer, Tiffany, and all of you who went out and played the last few times haha I feel like Tshabalala out here. So they all came to church and in the lesson both Mathius and Abigayl prayed, and there prayers were incredible. Abigayl was like so thankful and powerful and brought the Spirit and her family was pumped. We taught them family home evening and they loved it and said it was just what they needed. Then when Mathius prayed, he was like thank you for my incredible family, thank you for the opportunity and pleasure it is to be baptized all together on the 5th, The blessings you give are incredible and thank you for these awesome missionaries to teach us these things. Man it was awesome the power of prayer is so totally bomb. I love hearing the testimonies of those we teach. Its really incredible.

So something else this week new, was exchanges, I went to Kempton Park with Elder Brendon Blau, and we were comps for 24 hours. We taught this guy named Jackson, his story basically is that he quit his job and has been out of work for a while. His wife basically wears the pants in the relationship and things have been really tough. So we showed up and he was like AH missionaries! I have been waiting for you! I want to talk to you about this book. So he since the tuesday before which had been 3 days read all the way to Mosiah. He was teaching us, he was like Nephi is so smart and its crazy he talked with Christ like 600 years before he came. Laman and Lemuel were stupid they even saw an angel and still didn't obey. He was so pumped about it he was like I know this is the word of God this is what I have to do... I know I need to repent, be baptized and endure to the end... when can I get baptized? Elder Blau like a true stud was like "what are you doing the 12th of september. We're having a baptism, and its not just anyones, it yours, what do you think." He was electric it was awesome. The field is white and ready to harvest even when things are super tough, people wanna listen.

We know have 8 people on date for baptism and I feel really good about 6 of them so if we do the math... I've been on my mission for 6 weeks... That's one a week baby! The Spirit guides, I work and do all I can, Elder Nelson does the same, and the Spirit and they do the rest. It is just awesome.

We've started asking everyone for referrals and to do their home teaching because every member is a missionary, and the work has honestly exploded this week. I'm sure next week I'll have even more crazy stories to tell...

Read Alma 30 its awesome... I've got like 30 seconds... I love you all keep it real and stay strong... Afica is awesome! by until next week!!!

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