Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last night at 8pm your dad and I walked over to the Elder’s flat where they had prepared a feast of steak cooked to order by Elder Robinson who claims to be a master meat chef, mashed potatoes and gravy and rice as a thank you for letting them use our car on and off for over a week while theirs was getting repaired (the mission office did not have any spares), in fact the Elders rode their bikes as much as they possibly could even during the cold snap. Elder Nelson also made a frozen desert of oreos, cream, fruit and who knows what else. It did taste really good though. I made some jello with fruit to contribute. They had all of their doors open and the fan on because it got so smoky in the frying pan in which the meat was cooking. Their mothers would love to see this. They are really appreciative, hard working and thoughtful.

Elder & Sister Wittwer

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