Monday, August 23, 2010

Zhakanakisisa! (I'm very nice!/ doin super awesome in Shona)‏

Ah hello everyone what to say about this incredible week. First lets put a few things into perspective. In 9 days I have officially been gone for 2 months which honestly blows my mind like I have no idea where the time has gone and honestly its like shoot I better work harder and take more advantage. Now a little bit more about Missionary work. In south Africa, we relate missionary work to life. For example. I was born 2 months ago and my trainer, Elder Nelson, is my father. I have a brother who was also trained by Elder Nelson named, Elder Opondo from Kenya... I being nearly 2 months old have now officially had my baby blessing haha. in just 6 short months I'll be able to be baptized lol and at 12 months I can get the priesthood. At the one year point the life changes, it then works in proportions. for example, Elder Nelson has like three months left or like an 8th of his mission. if the average person lives to be 80, he's like 70 now and he's old. Elder Blau has like 2 weeks left and he is dying haha... so here is young Robinson telling you of his week.
So it finally happened. I own a Zulu Spear. it is 7 feet long and I can throw it like 50 yards so far. it also can be detached from the bottom and become a short stabbing spear. so that's awesome. the hunt for a good shield still continues but soon enough I'll be pretty decked out.
They say you are lost in the work when you start dreaming in your mission language. Well mine is a cacaphony of like 20 languages and it has started to happen. Just last night also, I had the dream about extending commitments and I actually woke up saying " So will you commit to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority on the 5th of September." I also woke up at one point saying "Will you commit to planting the seeds of faith..." honestly I would never say that so I must be some kind of poet in my dreams. anywho yeah I have been officially lost in the work which is awesome.
Glad to hear all is well back home feel free to send forwards, letters, news, from the states its always good to hear from anyone. Um I am currently beginning the study of 3 languages. Afrikaans (which is super easy thanks to german), Zulu (pretty flippin hard), and Shona(also pretty dang hard) and I would like to know if any of you who has a spare few minutes could like find grammar rules, hymns in the languages, or even just awesome words you found. for example, I will teach you how to say I need a piece of cheese.

Zulu: Ngidinga I'cheese (nyi dinga e cheeise)
Shona: Ndinoda Cheese (nyi noda cheese)
Setswana: Ke Tlhoka Cheese (K Tlokha cheese)

See total awesomeness. Things are going well with elder Nelson/papa and we're really taking the training and work to heart and we can see it in our teaching.

Food is awesome. Now I love chicken. But africa LOVES chicken I have chicken like every meal and can't go a block without seeing the colonel, a chicken licken, or a nandos. It is awesome chicken is so bomb you even see chickens running around the townships. This week I've been trying to follow every single rule as close as possible and it really has been helping like just the bonuses are awesome.

Fun stuff that has happened this week is district soccer. Me and elder williams, my boy, have started a soccer games at 545 every morning at the benoni town hall. It is seriously the bomb haha I am getting addicted to soccer its kinda crazy.

This week we started teaching an Afrikaaner man named mike and just walked up to us and was like. um yeah I wanna get baptized what do I need to do. So we taught him and he is as good as gold. The story of Job really touched him because he's been through a lot in life and is like so feeling the BOM and the Spirit we have him on date for the 25th of September. In fact missionary work out here is on fire we have 9 count em 9 baptisms scheduled for this month. man the Spirit is doin work in Africa.

The Mhike's as always are so bomb they are seriously like so awesome. We asked them all to read scriptures. We gave Tinashe the story of Ammon in Alma 17 and 18, Shyleen the story of Nephi and his bow and the Liahona in 1 Nephi 16, We gave Mathius the book of Enos, and we gave Abigayl the strippling warriors mommas boys of Alma 56-57. and guess what. They all read, They taught us the entire stories and principles, shared favorite scriptures, came to chuch, and each and every single one told me how pumped they were to be baptized. Oh and they brought a friend to a lesson for us to teach him too. :D its like holy cow what did we do to deserve this family haha.

I love everyone I teach seriously... Oh sweet cool story so this Afrikaaner woman Elvira has been having a tough go with everything and the old missionaries just couldn't crack her. So we went to visit her after she came to church one week and she was like " Oh by the way, I've quit smoking, drinking, drugs, coffee, tea, and I now consider myself a Mormon." My jaw hit the floor its like dang I just talked to you smiled said I hadn't met you, we come and teach you, and now this? I love it man miracles are happening in Benoni and this is just like 6 of the people we are teaching.

Crazy stuff is happening here though there is a nationwide strike of public service workers, so schools, hospitals, firestations, even some police stations are not in operation and the crowds are dangerous like yesterday we saw cars lit on fire. good thing the lord is on our side.

Next monday we are goin to the Lion park baby. So Rhinos, Lion Cubs, Legit full lions, cheetas, zebras, elephants, giraffes, you name it next week I'm seeing it. Boom baby.

Funny story real quick I taught this guy like a one minute lesson who was so totally tarred up with heroine and he kept asking to hug me so that was pretty nice.

We participated in African helping hands week and built a new center and playgrounds for aids victims.

AH! 30 seconds I love you all. keep praying you're the best

The Robinson

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