Monday, August 1, 2011

Jason, MOVING, speaking in sacrament, stellar august.

So this week was honestly one of the most insane weeks of my mission but we honestly didn't have anything that spectacular happen other than the baptism...

Jason was baptized yesterday and it was powerful... he's come such a long way and he's an incredible example of going forward with faith and eventually figuring everything out... He accepted everything we taught and just went for it... He's an awesome friend and he'll be an awesome missionary some day... I'll confirm him Sunday.

So the big project of this week was helping the Benjamin's a recent convert family move. now in the past I think I've said that missionaries are just expected to be experts in everything. so Wednesday- Saturday for almost all of our morning and early afternoons we painted an entire house, garage, gate, re-tiled, put cabinets in, put dressers in, moved in moved out and did full time missionary work. honestly I'm still exhausted.

Also we were given a speaking assignment in church and so because we were constantly working we had no time to prepare until Saturday night. plus put together a baptismal program plus transport 2 districts around because of car troubles, plus handle our appointments. So needless to say we were run ragged. But all is well... its finished now and we're all ready for a new week.

Speaking of a new week its August now... what the heck... but we're looking really good for this month and we have 7 potential baptisms up and coming... keep your fingers crossed.

So yeah kind of an uneventful week but a good week nonetheless... thanks for all the letters everyone they are awesome... I'll write back soon just with killing missionaries and leaving Nelspruit I've had very little time... but be patient I'll get there ha ha.

Have a good week.

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