Monday, August 29, 2011

stupid bronchitis, Wedding dates!, our people are on fire, man I love Florida‏

So first off I hate Satan he is a faggot. Just this week our zone had like 10 baptisms fall through due to sickness, one of them being Joyce. yeah so the bronchitis resurfaced so she'll get baptized next month but UGH!!!!

We had a sweet Zone Conference this week and it was my first time teaching at one... we got our assignment monday evening and we were teaching an hour tuesday morning so we didn't have really much time to prepare... But that's when the Spirit takes control. We taught about extending the baptismal commitment the first lesson and man it was power... not to boast but it was a sweet breakout session. Afterwards president and some missionaries thanked us and it was one of those times we just felt we were doing our job right. thanks in no small part to the Spirit.

So Also epic news this week the Leopengs have picked a date for their wedding September 16th! and baptism September 18th! man they have come a long way and want this I think more than anyone I have ever seen. Bruno Tebogo Malu and Brenda are also coming along well. testimonies are blazing, they read every day, they come to church, and every lesson is like doctrinal exposition which I love haha. Friday we talked about sons of perdition, the resurrection of the just and the unjust, and celestial marriage haha they eat it all up and man that is going to be two powerful families. Randall was a bit of a struggle this week. He talked to his previous pastor at a AA meeting and he was like "you don't need to be baptized again" and loaded him up with falsehoods on the Book of Mormon. So we shut him down hardcore and it looks as though everything will go well. Honestly everyone we are teaching is progressing, we're blessed with families, and man I love it here nuff said.

It's been a lot of fun this week just seeing everything come together... we didn't have the best month in terms of baptisms, but it was great in everything else.

So since I have quite a bit of time, I'd like to share about this morning. We were playing some brick ball (Soccer in the road where your goal is a brick) and it was awesome... So a ball gets booted over a fence into someones yard so I jump in there to get it and SURPRISE German shepherd.... Now I'd like to pause here and explain... I have served in town my whole mission... and everyone... I repeat everyone in town has dogs. In Nelspruit I was chased, bitten, and kicked my fair share of dogs. Pre mission dogs were all nice and had no fear.... in South Africa I became aware of dogs and that they could be dangerous. But after Nelspruit I lost all fear haha.... So back to this morning. This guy is all up in my face so I just run at him and do my best Boerbull (a Huge South African dog that I have a testimony of are crazy) impression and growl at this guy and he ran away!!! woohoo!!! Some skills you gain on mission are of the Spiritual or teaching kind... But I can intimidate guard dogs what up!

well yeah all is well in Florida, I love it here and more awesome is yet to come.

Elder Robinson

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