Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost in Soweto, the prayer, "missionaries that threaten our families" and other testimonies, Da Silvas, Roofies, 3 more to an ace‏

So needless to say it was a pretty legendary week here in South Africa... an awesome new family was found Bhukis and Jandine... We taught them for the first time Tuesday and put them on baptismal date the first lesson... Bhukis was like "I am ready any time..." He's from the DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo) and basically they are the most humble people alive... His wife Jandine is a colored from South Africa and seemed a bit skeptical but very sincere... So we returned Thursday and it was just her... but she was just like I feel so good when you come... I feel like I just wanna understand the Spirit and quit smoking... no word of wisdom or anything :D.... Then Sunday she came to church and got fellow shipped like no ones business... I have no doubt they will be baptized... they are prepared with a capital P.

Everyone else is doing pretty sweet. Jason was confirmed which honestly is one of my favorite parts of missionary work... I felt impressed to say he would serve a mission... haha he's pretty nervous but I'm sure he will he just has that fire... We did however have a bit of a struggle this week with Randall... so because the Da Silva family was moving he didn't have a ride to church so he went to a bar instead... yeah... I know... and someone slipped roofies (the date-rape) drug in his drink and he went kinda crazy... He got robbed, lost his phone, and showed up at our apartment at 6 this morning... haha so yeah we ran him home and we'll see what happens tonight... He keeps saying he's looking for something but he doesn't know what... obviously its the gospel but he's so busy with work he doesn't have much time to discover that... concern of the week right there.

Also with the Da Silvas we had an interesting lesson... It seems sister Da Silva has lost her testimony so we had a long hard chat and it simply came back to the basics of praying without Bias or doubt. we'll see what happened tonight.

So I also had a cool experience is Soweto with Elder Zuma... We went tracting and prayed to find 1. a family and 2. someone who would accept what we taught... first door... family... they were slaughtering some chickens for the weekend feast but they'll see them tomorrow... 2nd house. 7th day Adventist... We teach lesson one (the restoration) and we invite him to pray... it was a powerful lesson and he got it and he said " I don't even need to pray... I know this is the true church..." yep the Lord answers prayers haha. On the way back we got lost at a wrong turn and wandered around for about 45 minutes before the main road appeared again but it was a nice tour...

Yesterday has to have been the funniest testimony meeting of my mission... I'll share a few quotes... Brother Mboweni "These missionaries come into our homes and threaten our families, and our children, even our very lives." He meant to say strengthen instead of threaten... but hilarious anyway.... young man "once upon a time a car broke down in the desert. one took the cup holder so he could carry his drink as they went for help. one carried a seat so he could sit down when he was tired. one brought the door so he could roll down the window when it was hot... I know this church is true... amen." yeah haha I have no idea what that had to do with anything... but someone related pokemon to the gospel and it made absolutely no sense... but an awesome meeting.

Well time is running short with Elder Tungela and I being together and he dies tomorrow so I'll get another companion...I think I'll train a zone leader but honestly I have no idea. But whatever happens Florida is doin awesome and we're gonna have success...

Well that's about it for this week I'm off to mini golf and some Kota... yum...

Elder Robinson

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