Monday, August 15, 2011

Sondag 14 Augustus, is wat Elder woeste leeu tot hierdie week

my new companion is Elder Ndlovu (NNN dl o voo) and his last name means elephant haha so brother elephant. He's from Stanger in Kwazulunatal at the southern end of the country just outside of Durban. It's funny because he was in our zone and just moved up the road from Witpoortjie to Florida. So I already know him and things are sweet. I'm still in Soweto but I can say with about 95% confidence I'll be leaving after this transfer because he dies in 2 and I probably will not stay 7 and a half here or kill three times in a row
Yeah we sat together and discussed about Nelspruit, mission, danger zone, and other fun topics. speaking of Elder Williams yeah if I decide to go back to BYU we're planning on getting a hustler pad put together. For sure we'll be around each other U of U or BYU though. It all really just depends on what I want to do where I go haha its a really tough decision. most of my pre mission buds are going to the U and most of my mission buds and Nick are going to the Y... haha my heart is at Utah for sports but UGH I don't know. But Elder Williams is mah boy and definitely go visit mama Williams haha.
Also brother Van Rooyen who we are staying with wanted to know if Deseret Book had any Work and the Glory DVD's or books that are new. He's a big time collector but they can't get everything in South Africa.

Anywho yeah speaking of scouts there is a Boy Scouts of South Africa Gilwell in our area. So I'm going to do some research and see if I can find you guys any nick nacks. speaking of nick nacks did the package come?

11 months is crazy haha I honestly am getting worried time is rushing to fast. especially since this is probably my last transfer here.

Sister Maneha heck yeah haha I'm going to write all the temple square sisters today and send some pictures. I think I'll finally catch up on everything this week.

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