Monday, August 22, 2011

Bedlam, helping hands day, progress, Berlandina, My accent, and the like‏

So man so much happened this week I can't even wrap my brain around it. It's like its Monday, then we are on exchanges, we're at church, then I'm sitting here again, time is crazy. But here is a few updates on some people we're teaching.

Joyce: Doing awesome. and man is she full of faith, we learned Tuesday her kidneys are failing but she is just like "I trust in God, I can be healed, and nothing will stop me from being baptized." She'll be baptized Sunday.

Leopengs: haven't seen them since Thursday but finances are looking positive, things look good for this month. We had a sweet lesson Thursday and talked about angels. we all shared some miracles that have happened but brother Kgomutso's was the coolest. about 20 years ago he was in Alexandra AKA Sodom and Gomorrah... and was walking late one night. A car pulled up with a white guy driving. This is still apartheid days and tells him to get in. He drops him off at his home. The next day he walks down that road and 3 were murdered on the path he was walking on. He said that night was the night he knew God was there and he said it began the search for the truth that he has now found. man they wanna get baptized just this stupid marriage is holding them back.

Bruno & Tebogo, Malu & Brenda: Miracle of the week here. It is two less active RM families who have been taught for quite some time. We just started over with them. Brenda and Tebogo are both non members who now want to be baptized like no ones business and both families talked to Bishop Sunday about getting married. Miracles never stop in missionary work.

On that note we had a ZLC meeting and Elder Ramos our AP just said something that stood out. "Miracles happen if you work and have faith. We are in the business of miracles." I think the reason I love missionary work so much is not because I love knocking doors, because I don't, its not waking up at 6 everyday and working yourself silly, But it is being the smallest part of bringing the gospel and its richest blessings to people thirsting for it. It is super tough, I've never worked so hard, some days you just wanna sleep or lay down and die haha but when you flash back on a week, or a month, or the big picture man its worth it. No regrets, enjoy to the end, that is my policy.

Saturday was Mormon helping hands day and we fixed up a homeless shelter. It was amazing to see people cry over a washing machine and freshly painted walls. all the little kids were blown away by the top loader washing machine. man sometimes we take things for granted and we should never do that. service is bomb. can't believe this was my last all Africa Helping Hands Day. Man I hate the calender. haha.

So my accent is getting pretty crazy everyone thinks I'm from England now and we're getting a lot of new American missionaries around here and I know that that is how I used to talk and it makes me laugh haha I don't know what happened. I'm excited to bring my south Africanisms to America like Sharping People, Is It, obvious, and Pigeon English as some call it. Haha man just you wait. Plus papa and chakalaka fasten your seatbelts.

But I guess to sum up this week you gotta have your heart in whatever you're doing if you don't you just float on through and don't realize how dope life could be. this is something I need to work on as well. It's been such a crazy week my brain hasn't had time to think or slow down. this is why I love P-days. eyawe everyone.

Elder Robinson

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