Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally, The Big 5 enters Florida, the Spirit, the fast, promised blessings‏

Where to begin... It's been a pretty intense week here in Afrika. Tuesday was transfer meeting and those are always sweet to hear the dying
testimonies and see everyone again. My new companion is Elder Ndlovu from Stanger in Durban and its funny because he was already in our zone. So his son, his investigators, and his old area are just 10 K's up the road and we'll be doing exchanges with them. He's a cool kid and has loads of energy I'm sure will do a lot of great things together. Coincidence of the century happened at the transfer meeting though.

So I rewind to November 2009 I'm at BYU playing in an ultimate frisbee intramural game and for the first time ever I meet another Kenyon... yeah... turns out we were guarding each other and on one throw they called both of our names and we paused and it was awkward it was the first time it had happened to either of us... So I fast forward to tuesday.. we just got an Elder Foster from the Madagascar mission who was transfered here and I'm helping him move his bags and I notice his name is kenyon. we pause and it was like... did you play frisbee? yeah so the exact same kid 18 months later in Africa, I'm his zone leader now... crazy haha.

This week was sweet in that we found 8 new investigators and all of them are families. and everyone is excited and understands. But I think the sweetest was with the Leopengs and Malu and Brenda and Bruno and Tebogo. So we met with the Leopengs and they opened up a lot and really don't care about anything other than getting married and baptized. I felt prompted we should fast with them and so we did... We all just felt like everything was finally gonna work out and they should be baptized and married next month.

Now Bruno and Tebogo and Malu and Brenda are two Less active part member families. Bruno and Malu are both RM's and we've been working with them all for quite a while with no real progress. But this week everything just came together they had a break down on wednesday and we just happened to pop by. We talked and asked them all to think about what they want to see happen in their future. Yesterday we went back and had a powerful lesson I think they'll be two families brought together and converted back to the gospel everything just seemed to go right.

This week I learned the power of qualifying for, searching for, and then using the Spirit in the work. Especially in what to teach and promising blessings of following. We saw miracles every day this last week and that is the source. Missionary work is awesome nuff said...

Anyway yeah that's about it... enjoy the week up and coming and more awesome is to come.

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