Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Brother Robinson

Hello, its Elder Rama , I hope you guys are well , its a pleasure to
be able to talk to you, I've learned a little about you from Elder
Robinson, I just want to let you know that your son is amazing and is
doing really well as a missionary, he was in my district and he is a
machine , hard worker and a positive missionary, I respect him a lot
for that , I remember one thing that I will never forget about Elder
Robinson, he was sent to one of the toughest area but he pumped that
area up pretty well , we were amazed when we heard that the area was
doing good , I'm sure you know about that but ya good job in raising
such a powerful young man.
I'm writing to you to just let you know of my big interest in
studying in the United States , I've come to love that place through
all my companions which were from the United States and also it has
the thing that I'm interested in , I thank you in advance for willing
to host me for that , I really appreciate that, but I guess I would
need some orientation since I know nothing about it , the schooling
there and everything which I should do.
For myself , I'm interested in lots of things but the one close to my
heart right now is the " Digital Motion Picture Technology or
something related to sound and video, so I would appreciate if you let
me know of all the options and we'll see how am i going to do it.
I hope to hear from you soon and i wish you a very good week to you
and Sister Robinson,
Thanks a lot Brother Robinson

Elder Rama
PS: you can email me on this as well just in case this account is
closed, I have only 4 weeks left on mission.

From Elder Claude Ramahefari​vo

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